Thursday, 03 September 2020 18:42

COVID-19 Not Letting Up on Supply Chain Disruptions: ‘Losses We’ve Seen Affect Millions of Texans’

Written by Sarah Downey, The Center Square


With summer winding down and lawmakers in Washington, D.C., set to resume COVID-19 economic stimulus talks, businesses in Texas are hoping the next round of relief can be resolved quickly.

Circumstances increasingly call for urgency, Kelsey Erickson Streufert, vice president of government relations and advocacy at the Texas Restaurant Association, told The Center Square.


“It’s certainly something we’re very concerned about; before the pandemic restaurants made up 51% of food dollars in Texas,” Streufert said.


While not every establishment is on the precipice right now, if Congress can’t deliver additional relief soon, many mom-and-pops won’t have the means to survive past the end of September, Streufert said.


“We know restaurants can’t sustain the kind of losses they’re experiencing without some sort of bridge relief,” she said.


Restaurants continue to urge targeted liability protections, Streufert said.


“It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to prove where you got Covid; the biggest thing they lack right now is certainty,” she added.


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not just restaurants facing losses but a whole supply chain that’s adversely impacted.

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