Wednesday, 29 July 2020 18:49

Tesla Factory Comparison Depicts Gigafactory Texas’ Gargantuan Size

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati

Tesla’s factories, or at least the land that it acquires for its production facilities, seem to be getting progressively larger with each iteration.

This is particularly evident when one looks at a scale comparison comparing the Gigafactory Texas site to the company’s previous facilities. As it turns out, Giga Texas will indeed be a gargantuan electric vehicle complex. 


Tesla enthusiast and Model 3 owner u/brandude87 of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit recently posted a scale comparison depicting Tesla’s existing production facilities, from its Tilburg plant in the Netherlands to the recently announced Austin, TX, facility.


A look at the facilities, both existing and planned, shows two things: one, the electric car maker seems to have developed a solid strategy to build its plants efficiently; and two, the land where the plants are getting built is getting progressively bigger. 


The first point is pretty much represented by a comparison of Tesla’s Fremont (CA) Factory and Gigafactory Shanghai in China. The two facilities are quite comparable in size, but it is not too difficult to see the latter is more optimized for the electric car maker’s operations. This is all but highlighted in Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 ramp, which has proven to be much faster and smoother than the ramp in the Fremont plant.


The Gigafactory Berlin complex dwarfs the property where Gigafactory Shanghai is being built on. However, even the massive property in Germany seems small compared to the Austin site.


During the second quarter earnings call, CEO Elon Musk noted Gigafactory Texas will be built on a 2,000-acre property about five minutes from Austin International Airport and 15 minutes from downtown.


That’s a massive expanse of land, and it’s enough to hold an electric vehicle manufacturing plant and what Musk describes as an “ecological paradise” complete with a boardwalk, lots of trees, streams and a hiking and biking trail. What’s more, Giga Texas will be the first Tesla facility that will be open to the public. 


“It’s about 2,000 acres and we’re going to make it a factory that is going to be stunning. It’s right on the Colorado River. So we’re actually going to have a boardwalk, where there’ll be hiking/biking trails. It’s going to basically be an ecological paradise, birds in the trees, butterflies, fish in the stream, and it’ll be open to the public as well. So not closed and only-Tesla,” Musk said. 


Looking at the size of Gigafactory Texas complex compared to Tesla’s other facilities, it is not difficult to imagine large sections of the complex being dedicated for public use. Considering its size, perhaps Gigafactory Texas could very well end up as the first “Tesla City” of sorts, being a facility that runs on sustainable power while showcasing the company’s lineup of vehicles and energy products. 


We thank Teslarati for reprint permission. 

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