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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 21:09

Unique Story Drives Lincoln Restoration in Fountain Hills, Az

Written by Ryan Winslett, Fountain Hills Times


When Grammy-nominated pop artist Charlie Puth was in the market to restore his 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible, he first shopped the project around in his own back yard of Los Angeles.

The rubber, unfortunately, never met the road. None of the shops he talked to were the right fit for the job.


By chance, his head of security came across an advertisement in a copy of Highline Autos, where he read about a shop in Fountain Hills specializing in auto body, paint and restoration services.


That shop was Impact Collision and, after a conversation or two, Puth was confident he had found the team that would breathe new life into his automobile.


“They sent us the car and, for starters, it needed all new interior,” said Impact Collision owner Bill Wallace.


“So we did all new interior, back to factory specifications. Brand new leather, door panels and stuff like that. Then we went ahead and did the body work.”


Wallace said hundreds of hours of body work and paint went into the restoration, a project they worked on every day for about six months.


Wanting to keep things authentic, the team opted for refurbished parts whenever possible.


Outside of a new pump and condenser, the only modernization was a fresh air conditioning system.


While Puth originally intended to refurbish the car for personal use, the road ahead took an unexpected turn.

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