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Tuesday, 20 August 2019 20:15

Texas Couple Enters Collision Repair Industry by Default

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The main message here is don’t mess with Tiffany Reyes, the new co-owner of Lone Star Auto Collision Plus who never thought she would be in the collision repair industry.


With a lot of previous corporate management experience working for home builders for many years in the Houston area, Reyes wasn’t dissuaded by this situation for a millisecond. She would have likely been a very successful attorney or a criminal investigator if she decided to go that way. David was now on her radar and if he ever ends up in jail, I imagine he will think about her often.


“We sat down and looked at the shop’s potential, and realized that it could be turned into a functional business,” she said. “Augustine went to David’s house and we bought the company’s assets, not their liabilities at $36. Suddenly, we were in the collision repair business!”


After she took over the shop and drilled a little deeper, Reyes could see the big picture more clearly, which was dire but not devastating. “It was a learning experience as I waded through 16 boxes of paperwork. The shop was ordering materials and parts and stiffing its vendors, as well as getting cars to fix by bribing towing companies and paying them with lap dances at a local strip club. I followed the money trail and began to see where it went—right into David’s pockets.”


With a shop full of cars, Tiffany and Augustine worked with the insurance companies to placate their newly adopted customers without further damaging the business. After mitigating the damage, the couple officially took over the shop in May. “We came in at midnight and changed the locks,” she said. “We worked with every car owner individually and everyone got paid, even though some of the insurance companies refused to pay us.”

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