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Monday, 29 July 2019 22:27

Teslas, Other EVs Get Barred From Drag Racing Event in Texas

Written by Simon Alvarez,
A Tesla Model 3 and a Model X. A Tesla Model 3 and a Model X. Andres GE


The Universal Technical Institute Drags event at the Texas Motor Speedway is a celebration of cars that are incredibly quick off the line and dominating in a straight line.

The event, which recently held its finals for this season, played host to powerful muscle cars, stunning foreign automobiles and even large diesel-powered trucks, to name a few.


Amidst the participants in the popular drag racing event, there is one class of vehicles that was notably absent: electric cars. There was no Tesla in sight; not a Model S, Model X, or even a Model 3.


This is due to one of the rules of Friday Night Drags. Looking at the event’s official page, the organizers of the event clearly noted that electric vehicles are prohibited from competing in the drag races. “Electric vehicles are not allowed,” the organizers wrote.


This is quite a shame, considering that electric vehicles, particularly Tesla’s Performance-branded cars, have developed a reputation for being incredibly formidable in straight-line races. The Model S P100D, particularly the “Raven” iterations of the vehicle, is downright deadly in the quarter-mile, beating supercars on a regular basis. The Model 3 Performance, a four-door family car, has even beaten a Ferrari 458 in a 1/8 mile race.


A look at past winners of Friday Night Drags show vehicles that have traded blows with Teslas in the past, including the Nissan GT-R, the Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Mustang. As such, it almost seems like the event was lacking a popular, recognizable competitor due to the absence of America’s all-electric muscle cars.


Addressing the event’s strict No-EV rule, Texas Motor Speedway VP of Public Relations David Hart explained that electric cars such as Teslas could crash and catch fire in the event, which would be difficult to put out. Crashes with gas and diesel-powered cars and trucks could also happen, but it is far easier to extinguish gas fires than those resulting from batteries. Unfortunately for EV owners, the speedway’s emergency vehicles are not equipped to handle electric car fires.

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