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Severe Weather Leads to an Increase in Business at Body Shops

Written by Nicolette Perdomo, everythingLubbock.com

Severe weather sometimes includes hail. When hail happens, customers often run to auto body shops to get their cars fixed and, or for help with insurance claims.

 It took Rufus Martinez all of 20 minutes to know that his car was damaged, after being stuck in the hail, with no cover for his vehicle.


“There wasn't anywhere to go—I was out in the open and it hailed,” Martinez said.


Martinez said he doesn’t normally drive when there is a storm, but he was waiting in his car, while his wife was at the mall. He couldn’t just leave and go home.


“I don't know how much hail fell, but it looked like big pieces,” Martinez said. “You could hear it banging on the car.”


Due to bad weather, Martinez and several others are heading to collision repair shops for everything from bodywork to windshield replacements.


“When we begin work on a vehicle, we drop [the] insulator [and] we take off these windshield wiper lines,” said Michael Maldonado, employee at Presto Hail Lifters.


Once the repair shop assesses the damage, they can help the customer file a claim, he said.


“We first inspect the perceived damage, since some aren’t aware of what damage looks like,” Maldonado said. “After the inspection, they can then decide how they wish to precede in filing a claim.”


Chad Garlington, employee at Collision King, said that their shop is still working on repairs from 2018.   


“We worked on about 400 units within the first few months [and] we're still working on cars from last May, when the big storm hit May 19.” Garlington said.


The next time a storm hits, he plans on avoiding driving altogether, Martinez said.


“I have a carport, so while it's hailing, I'll keep it in there,” he said.


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