Friday, 03 May 2019 17:53

Auto Insurance Industry Influence Stalls Bill Addressing TX Civil Courts


 "We all pay insurance companies to cover us, our loved ones and friends riding in our vehicles when someone with no insurance or limited insurance runs into our vehicle and injures us," Erskine said. "Insurance companies should be required to hold up their end of the bargain without an unnecessary lawsuit."


In an email, Texas Watch urged its supporters to sign a petition that it will present to the House Calendars Committee to hopefully persuade them to set this legislation for a full vote on the House Floor.


"Unfortunately, insurance industry dollars are a major influence on our state's elected officials," Erskine said. "But there is power in numbers. Everyone who pays an insurance company should want their rights restored and show support of this bill."


The bill stalled in calendars on April 11. However, HB 1739 supporters are hoping Calendars will schedule a vote before the last day of the 86th Legislature on May 28.


Obtained from prnewswire.com.

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