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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 20:22

YANG Holds Meet-Up in Conjunction With ACC Conference in San Antonio, TX

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YANG members had a great time networking and learning about the industry during the meet-up in San Antonio on April 10. YANG members had a great time networking and learning about the industry during the meet-up in San Antonio on April 10.

On April 10, the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) held a regional meet-up at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX, in conjunction with the 2019 Automotive Communications Council (ACC) Conference. ACC hosted the meet-up.


According to ACC Chair Jacki Lutz, head of global marketing and communications, aftermarket business, for Sensata Technologies, “The event was very good. Most all of the Automotive Communications Council attendees who were still around attended the YANG event that night, over and under [their] 40s. There was a very positive response from the event. It was the first time many (or most) of them attended a YANG event, as many were over 40, but learning how they can still be involved as mentors was insightful for them.”


YANG Chair JC Washbish spoke about the importance of the younger generation learning from their more experienced mentors and explained how YANG can help bring both groups together.


Lutz recalled, “JC also made an interesting reflection about the history of the Menger Bar, as it is where Teddy Roosevelt would go to recruit his Rough Riders. In a similar way, YANG is recruiting members and also companies to host similar meetups.”


Although few people signed up for the meet-up, the group enjoyed a large turnout.


“I was so happy to see the over-40s stick around and learn about what YANG was about and to see them networking with the under-40s. Of course, JC always delivers as well, and hearing his speech at the beginning, he got people loosened up and laughing. It was a very good vibe,” Lutz shared. “It was more of an informational meet-up than most others that I have been to. It seemed to have more of a ‘get to know who YANG is and what we are about’ feel than the typical networking focus that these usually have, which was the perfect message for this group to hear as so many were unfamiliar with the opportunity to get involved as a mentor and that their companies can host a meet-up.


“It is one more thing that we could offer our membership while we were all together in San Antonio. Especially for marketers, networking is key. In marketing, you work with sales, product development, IT, cataloging---you name it, so knowing people outside of marketing is important, too. This was one way that we could teach them about the opportunities available with YANG and hopefully provide them with an opportunity to further build their network.”

ACC also announced its next conference will be held May 5--6, 2020 in New York City. For more information about YANG and its future events, visit

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