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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 16:06

Burl’s Collision Becomes Ford-Certified, Earns Medallion Status Through VeriFacts

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Burl’s Collision Center in Henderson, TX, recently earned Medallion status through VeriFacts Automotive, LLC and became the first Ford-certified collision center in the United States under the OEM’s new certification program.

According to Burl’s Collision Center owner Burl Richards, “This gives my employees and me a good sense of accomplishment and a lot of pride. My guys really feed off knowing that we’re among the best in the country. We started down the road to certification nearly five years ago, and it has been good for us, but it’s been the best for our customers. Earning Medallion status means a lot because it means we are in the top 1 percent of U.S. shops for quality.”


Burl’s Collision is the 181st shop to receive Medallion status, but there are currently only 103 shops in the nation still considered VeriFacts Medallion shops because the status has to be maintained.


Farzam Afshar, CEO of VeriFacts, explained, “Medallion is the highest level of quality a shop can earn from us today. We assess their equipment in terms of whether they have the right equipment, if they know how to work with it, and if they’re using it properly. It’s really about whether they succeed at making it part of their shop culture.


“We also question whether they meet the requirements of ‘high quality’ regarding welding, corrosion protection, vehicle measurement and more. We verify and validate that the shop has a culture of quality where they are continually evaluating themselves and getting better. In order to acquire Medallion status, the shop has to receive a quality score of 95 percent or better consistently. If a shop doesn’t sustain that score, they will get dropped back to VQ or lower if they don’t improve. It’s not pay and play; it’s pay and perform in order to be recognized, but if the shop stops performing, they lose that recognition.”


Burl’s Collision became a VeriFacts shop in 2017. Richards feels that it’s helped make huge improvements in his shop culture.


“VeriFacts comes in once a month for a surprise visit---we never know when they’ll show up---and they assess four cars in various stages of the repair process to determine if the OEM procedures were followed and documented appropriately," he said. "It’s pretty detailed and a lot like coaching, but my employees get a lot out of it. I went into this with the goal of changing the shop’s culture and getting my employees to look at the business like I do. Now, I don’t have to look over their shoulders; they repair our customers’ vehicles properly without me being on the floor.”


Afshar noted, “Burl’s Collision has an amazing culture of quality. Everyone in the shop is working toward a safe repair as a team in the most cost-effective way possible. We have the honor and pleasure of working with great shops like Burl’s. VeriFacts gets to identify already great shops and spotlight the best shops in the U.S. and Canada---it’s really rewarding to be able to celebrate the industry’s best. Of course, all shops think they’re great, but it makes a difference when a third party agrees that it’s true!”


Through their relationship with VeriFacts, Burl’s Collision has obtained OEM certifications for Tesla, GM and, most recently, the new Ford program.


Richards calls the new program “more detailed and stringent than before. We had most of the equipment we needed from obtaining Ford certification the first time around, but this time, they required some changes in the front office.”


Congratulations to Burl and his team!

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