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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 23:16

Unhappy AZ Residents Slash Waymo Tires, Derailing Self-Driving Cars, More

Written by Abner Li, 9to5Google

The advent of any new technology is accompanied with complaints, as seen with Wing’s delivery drones, but in the case of self-driving cars, there have been more radical expressions of discontent.


As Waymo tests and operates vehicles in Phoenix, some Arizona residents have taken to threatening or even damaging the cars.


A New York Times report on Dec. 31, 2018 followed up on incidents that were first brought to light by the Arizona Republic earlier that month. There have been at least 21 attacks since 2017 that range in severity from seemingly pure mischief to more serious acts.


The most brazen incident took place in August 2018 when a man armed with a handgun tried to scare the safety driver in an autonomous Chrysler Pacifica. That man in question cited the Uber incident that killed a pedestrian earlier that year, and he was eventually charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.


Another safety driver was threatened with a PVC pipe, while other incidents involve people throwing rocks, blocking routes and slashing the tires of Waymo vehicles. There were also attempts to derail the car while it was autonomously driving. One particular Jeep tried to run the Chrysler Pacificas off the road six times in 2017.


In all these cases, Waymo or the safety drivers have not pressed charges. The Alphabet division directs its drivers to first contact the internal dispatch system during incidents.


In fact, police contact is reportedly kept to a minimum, with one incident not being reported until four days after it took place. According to the NYT, Waymo in some cases is unwilling to provide footage of the attack. This defeats the benefit of self-driving vehicles always maintaining video of everything happening around the car.


Waymo noted that these incidents only represent a small fraction of operation and pushed back against the narrative that it was trying to avoid bad publicity by not pursuing charges. The incidents have not turned Alphabet away, with Waymo noting how “over the past two years, we’ve found Arizonans to be welcoming and excited by the potential of this technology to make our roads safer.”


We thank 9to5Google for reprint permission.

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