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Friday, 13 April 2018 21:28

Sherwood, AR, Body Shop Restores Pricey Cars With Wild Stories

Written by Rob Evans, THV11


Inside an auto body shop in Sherwood, AR, you will hear and see things you might not expect: exotic cars, supercars, Ferraris, Porsches and classic cars that can cost more than most homes.

"Most people ask where all these cars come from," said Brian Bowers of Two Rivers Auto Body & Restoration. "'I don't see them out driving in Little Rock every day.'"

These pricey cars drive in or get towed in after a bad day on the roads. Those bad days are sometimes too wild to believe.

Will Bowers is the shop owner. And he's seen his share of jaw-dropping car damage.

"One of the Ferraris that we've had the pleasure [of working on] was chewed up by a German shepherd," he said. "That was pretty interesting. I asked if he still had the dog. He said that he did."

Bowers and his team spend hundreds of hours restoring classic cars to be better than new, including a 1963 Jaguar E-type roadster---a car that can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars at an auction.

"Just to get it to this point, I think we're five years into the restoration," Bowers said. "It's a labor of love."

Vernon Blocker did the body work on the Jaguar.


"It'd been beaten up pretty bad," he said. "There wasn't a straight panel on it."

And he admitted that once the car is out of his hands, the nerves set in.

"Once it's in paint and we get it out here in these lights, [I think,] 'Did I get all the imperfections out of it? Is it perfect?'" he said. "And that's what it has to be, is perfect."

The Jag made it out of the paint booth successfully, thanks to a veteran crew that looks past the emblem on the hood.

"[It's] just another car," Todd Stephens said.

He stood casually next to a Ferrari he painted.

"I've driven lots of cars over the years," Bowers said. "Driving one like this Ferrari, I'd be worried about rock damage or dogs pulling out in front of you. Just get in the old convertible Volkswagen and go. No worries at all, carefree."

Will's wife is in charge of their social media accounts. You can follow them on Facebook  for more inside looks at the cars.

We thank THV11 for reprint permission.

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