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Thursday, 25 May 2017 18:29

Creating a Customer Care Culture, Finding and Inspiring Staff To Support It

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Establishing a reward structure can make work fun and meaningful. Rewards can be spontaneous or given through contests or at pre-shift meetings to recognize superior performance.


A company's culture is set by its owners and managers. According to the Circle of Customer Service, if the owner takes care of the employees, the employees will take care of the customer who, in turn, takes care of the owner. McNaughton warned, "When you set expectations and fall short, you have a lower satisfaction rating because people remember what happened last. Keep it positive."


To develop a 90% retention rate, make a connection with employees and encourage them to connect with customers because happy employees and customers lead to a happy work environment which improves employee retention. Holding an annual review and coaching session is valuable, but it's important to provide negative feedback and coaching immediately, rather than holding it for the review; the annual performance review should hold no surprises.


When coaching, managers should set high standards for themselves and others. They should be present, get involved and pay attention without being sneaky, and they should also discuss and redirect poor performance. Before coaching an associate, managers must ask if there's a difference between the standard and actual performance, whether the standard is realistic for the situation, if the employee knows and understands the standard, including why and how it's measured, whether there are hindrances beyond the employee's control, and if the employee has received feedback on the subject before.


It's also imperative that leaders reinforce good behavior by describing the specific actions being praised, explaining the results of those actions and stating their appreciation. Additional keys to success include using customer feedback as a positive coaching tool and creating a culture that promotes honest, integrity and consistency.

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