Wednesday, 23 February 2011 22:28

GCIA & ASA-GA Doing Committee Work with Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens

The Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) has been working with new Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens this month on creating six regional Property and Casualty Advisory Committees and one smaller, statewide version of the committee.

Hudgens first came to the GCIA in the beginning of January asking their help in finding people who would like to be nominated for the committee, said GCIA President Howard Batchelor.

Batchelor then reached out Neva Hollins, Executive Director at ASA of Georgia, to help fill in nominees for more rural regions where the GCIA has low membership numbers.

On January 12, people from the industry met with Hudgens to discuss what he wants from this advisory committee and who would comprise each regional group.

Once the regional committee members were decided, 3 people were nominated from each region to be part of the statewide committee. A.C. “Carroll” Proctor Jr. and Howard Batchelor were nominated from the GCIA for the statewide committee.

According to Batchelor, the committees will meet 2–3 times per year, and have conference calls another 2–3 times per year in the hopes of bringing issues and potential solutions in the Georgia collision industry to Commissioner Hudgens’ attention.

The regional meetings will be public while the statewide meetings will be members only.

“Now we’re just really waiting for these committees to meet,” said Batchelor. The committees will focus on automotive industry issues that would concern the Insurance Commissioner’s office.

The Property and Casualty Advisory Committee also met on January 25 for their first discussion meeting.

For more information see: www.gainsurance.org,  ww.asagashop.org or http://gacollisionindustry.wordpress.com.

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