Monday, 14 February 2011 19:49

GCIA Has CARFAX Talk About Information Collection at January Meeting

The Georgia Collision Industry Association held their first meeting of 2011 on January 27; the main speakers for the night were Data Acquisition Manager Sali McCahill and Repair Advantage Program Director Nancy Fiorino from the vehicle history reporting company CARFAX.

The speakers gave a presentation on how CARFAX gathers the information they have on accidents and repairs on vehicles and their new Repair Advantage Program.

Some repairers expressed that they had gone through scenarios where a previous repair customer had come back to the shop quite upset because they had tried to sell their vehicle and had to lower the price due to accidents reported on CARFAX. The customers was concerned that the repair shop had reported the repairs without letting the customer know or had misreported the repairs altogether, thus causing a diminshed calue scenario when the owner attempted to sell the vehicle.

McCahill and Fiorino said that CARFAX gets their reports from over 30,000 sources, or data partners, including police reports some body shops and some parts vendors.

Although the new Repair Advantage Program will allow shops to become more of a part of the reporting process according to Fiorino.

CARFAX has a few thousand shops reporting to them already, but would like to increase that number.

"Shops can ensure information is being correctly represented on reports if they're part of the program," said GCIA President Howard Batchelor.

Shops can also brand their name on reports they give about cars they have repaired and make sure CARFAX has accurate information about the accident, repair processes and parts used.

For more information please visit www.carfax.com.

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