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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 17:09

Mobile County, AL, Could Recruit High Performance Automaker

The sign says ‘Future Home of the Alabama Motorsports Park’. But it could be the home of the Revenge Supercar, according to Fox 10 TV News Alabama/Florida.

The Revenge is a high performance car for the high tier of the market, said former Mobile Mayor Mike Dow.

Dow, who spearheads the racetrack movement, said automobile maker Revenge Supercars has its sights set on 200 acres of land on the Prichard-Saraland line. The land is on the Highway 158 corridor and Highway 45.

Dow is asking the Mobile County Commission for support enticing the automaker to move to the area. He said Revenge Supercars would bring 600 jobs, with an average pay of $50,000.

Revenge Supercars also plans to build a 4.2 mile endurance and high performance track at the site, he said.

“Eighteen suppliers have shown an interest in our area if the automaker comes here. Three have committed to coming, if it does,” said Dow.

Willie Lanier invested in the original Motorsports Park idea to build a world class race track in north Mobile. Lanier said he’s behind this idea as well.

“Many of us who took a risk five, six years ago to bring something here. Without us there would be no Revenge, would be no nothing,” said Lanier.

Dow won’t say how much financial support he’s asking the county for.

“This is economic development. You know me, I don’t talk about the details. Regardless this car will pay for itself,” added Dow.

Mobile County Commissioner Mike Dean said he is hesitant to jump on board so fast, since he isn’t sure how the plan would affect bond rates, and what if it doesn’t perform as well as Dow hopes it will. Prichard Mayor Ron Davis hopes commissioners will vote to support the project.

“I went in with a hope and a prayer to hope that their hearts are in touch with mine. This could help everyone, especially the city of Prichard,” said Davis.

Davis said it could completely change Prichard’s tax base.

Residents in Prichard said this economic boost is just what the city needs. Especially a city some consider is on its last leg. The city is struggling to pay its pensioners, and facing heightened crime and poverty.

Officials said the automobile plant wouldn’t replace the racetrack, it would help jump start the project.  It’s a project politicians, business owners and residents alike are counting on in Prichard.

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