Wednesday, 16 June 2010 10:09

Georgia Collision Industry Association Compiles GA Labor Rates Information Through Surveys

The Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) held its 4th Annual labor rates survey for Georgia in June. This was the first year the association utilized an online survey option as well as a phone method.

Flat labor rates were collected for body work, paint jobs, mechanical jobs, frame work and materials from several different shops throughout the counties of Georgia. This year the GCIA took out a lot of their other questions pertaining to shop size and employee count and just concentrated on labor rate figures.

The GCIA was very pleased with their choice to have an online survey this year according to Howard Batchelor, Executive Director of the GCIA.

“The online survey made it that much easier for people, they could do it on their own time,” said Batchelor.

The information gathered from the 2010 GCIA Labor Rates survey was presented at the Richmond chapter of the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA) meeting on June 17. The results from this survey will also be presented to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s Office for review. The hope is that this information will help body shops negotiate their labor rates fairly with insurance companies.

“This is a tool for body shops,” said Batchelor, “shops can use this to fairly negotiate their rates.”

Batchelor also mentioned that before the GCIA started doing this survey 4 years ago the only company to compile any labor rate information was State Farm Insurance Company.

This survey was done to calculate the prevailing labor rate for a regular, walk-in customer; no contracted rates with insurance companies were to be taken in to account.

Not only do these results help shops negotiate their labor rates, they also serve as a record of how shops are making their incomes. After the results are collected the shops are sorted by their reported annual sales figures and their rates are compared. It is no surprise that in the past years shops with higher labor rates had the higher annual sales earnings as well.

For information on labor rates for other states please search autobodynews.com.

GCIA Hears Insurance Commissioner Candidates
GCIA members the many candidates running for the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, has additional candidates scheduled to speak at the June 23 meeting. GCIA reminds members and non-members that this office and the insurance industry has a big influence on collision owners’ businesses and livelihood. This type of presentation is an opportunity to meet the candidates, learn more about them, and ask questions so you can make an informed decision at election time.

Candidates Seth Harp and Stephen Northington have confirmed. Rick Collum said that he would try to be there but may arrive late and Tom Knox has inquired but not confirmed as of this writing.