Tuesday, 20 September 2022 14:25

11 Vehicles Grilled to a Crisp After Tailgater Leaves BBQ on During Miami Football Game

Written by Brad Anderson, CarScoops
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No less than 11 vehicles were damaged or destroyed by a fire Sept. 11 in the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL, after a tailgate party went horribly wrong.

As fans got ready for the Dolphins vs. Patriots game, one attendee fired up a grill for a tailgate party but forgot to turn it off, and left it unattended when the game started.


SB Nation reported thick plumes of black smoke began to bellow across the stadium in the second quarter and while local fire crews were able to respond to the scene, they arrived too late to save the vehicles. Among those vehicles destroyed by the blaze included a Toyota Prius, a Lexus RX, a Nissan Sentra and at least one pickup truck. The most expensive car engulfed in flames was a Mercedes AMG S 63.


“We’re standing here, we’re all having a great time, and we see a lot of big, black smoke over there,” a Dolphins fan told WSVN. “We’re like, ‘Oh, what’s going on?’ We start looking and, ‘Oh, it’s a fire’. Next thing we know, we hear a few pops; it’s tires going off.”


It is not yet known if the individual who left the grill on was the owner of one of the vehicles destroyed or not. Regardless, they will likely find themselves in some deep financial trouble dealing with all of the respective insurance companies of the cars burned to a crisp.


“Around 1 p.m., a vehicle fire began in a remote Hard Rock Stadium parking lot. Several vehicles were affected,” according to a statement from a Hard Rock Stadium spokesperson. “Miami Dade Police Department and Miami Dade Fire Rescue were on the scene. The fire has been extinguished and is being investigated by Fire Rescue. No injuries have been reported and there is no current threat to the stadium.”


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