Tuesday, 31 May 2022 10:13

Several Memphis, TN, Auto Repair Shops Not Taking Any More Cars Until August

Written by Brittni Clemons, ABC24 Memphis

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Now people can add getting their car fixed to the list of inconveniences the pandemic has shed light on.

Auto repair shops in Memphis, TN, are so backed up, most of them are not taking in any more vehicles until August.


Several repair shops told ABC24 they can't keep up with the demand right now, because Shelby County is leading the state with the highest number of crashes. 


In the month of May, there have been almost 2,700 crashes in Shelby County---about five every hour. Joe Morrow, owner of Morrow Auto Body, said he doesn't have the manpower and can't get the parts to keep up with the demand. 


"I can't get parts right now, especially for new cars," Murrow said. "I had a 2022 Kia and it took me two months to get parts because they weren't available. A lot of stuff is on backorder so it's not our fault that everything is so far behind." 


Murrow also said his customers are dealing with having to foot a large tow truck bill. Since tow trucks can't take a wrecked vehicle to an auto shop because shops are full, people's cars have to sit in a tow lot until their repair date.


Murrow said people are paying at least $30 a day.


Rental car companies are also being heavily impacted right now. If someone needs a rental in the next few months because of a car accident, it's going to be almost impossible because they don't have inventory for the demand either. 


But insurance companies are noticing this. If you have a coverage plan that does rental reimbursement, some insurance companies will let you use that money towards rideshares like Uber or Lyft if you can't get a rental car.


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