Wednesday, 16 March 2022 08:59

Rivian Georgia Plant Pushing Lawmakers to Revisit Direct Sales Legislation

Written by Maria Merano, Teslarati


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Rivian’s $5 billion manufacturing plant in Georgia is pushing lawmakers to revisit the Peach State’s legislation on direct sales by vehicle manufacturers.

Rivian’s presence in Georgia solidifies the state’s growing electric vehicle industry, making legislators reconsider its take on direct vehicle sales. 


As of March 15, Tesla is the only car manufacturer allowed to sell vehicles to customers directly. Georgia approved legislation in 2015 that allowed Tesla to sell cars without going through local dealers. However, the bill limits Tesla’s direct sales to five locations statewide.


In 2021, Rivian and other players in the EV industry, like Lucid and Lordstown Motors, sent a coalition letter to the Georgia Legislature, showing their support for House Bill 460.


“…we ask you to support House Bill 460, which would allow dedicated manufacturers of EVs, who have never been party to a franchise dealer agreement, to sell their vehicles directly to customers ('direct sales') in the state of Georgia,” the letter said. 


Rivian and the other companies supporting HB 460 sent the coalition letter to the Georgia Legislature in February 2021, months before the Illinois-based EV manufacturer announced its production plant in the peach state. Rivian has been lobbying Georgia lawmakers to allow direct sales in the state for the last few years. 


Rivian’s decision to build a production facility in Georgia did not hinge on HB 460 passing. State Rep. Chuck Martin noted Rivian advocated for HB 460, but “by no means tied the laws, or the passage of it, to any funding in Georgia.” 


After Rivian announced its production facility in Georgia, Lea Kirschner---CEO of the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association---reached out to the company in a statement. 


“Georgia’s franchise automobile dealers and the more than 70,000 Georgians employed by dealers and their suppliers throughout the state look forward to working with Rivian to...

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