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EV Owner Driving Tesla’s Shortest-Range Car Shares Experience During I-95 Traffic Catastrophe

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati
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Dan Kanninen, an electric vehicle driver and former White House liaison at the EPA, recently shared his personal experience during the I-95 traffic catastrophe, which resulted in about 48 miles of the interstate being closed due to ice and snow.

Drivers who were caught in the middle of the nightmare traffic scenario had to survive numerous hours in their vehicles in below-freezing temperatures. 


In the aftermath of the incident, the Washington Post published an opinion piece alleging the incident would have been far worse if every vehicle in the traffic jam were electric.


Citing a post shared on Twitter about a concerned Tesla driver who knocked on a truck driver’s door in the middle of the night---a follow-up post from the driver on Twitter confirmed the Tesla driver actually survived the night with 18% of the vehicle’s battery remaining---the Post’s Charles Lane argued electric vehicles “might have littered the highway for miles” if there were more battery-powered cars involved. 


Kanninen could not disagree more, and he would definitely know since he was personally trapped on I-95 for 14 hours during the gridlock.


Kanninen drives a base Tesla Model 3, the company’s shortest-range car available today. Yet despite this, and contrary to the estimates of the Post, the Model 3 actually handled the frigid night competently. An image shared in a blog post by Kanninen included an image showing the EV owner watching what appeared to be Netflix in his Model 3’s 15-inch display while waiting for the gridlock to end. 


Kanninen listed several factors that helped him and his Model 3 handle the I-95 traffic jam without much issue.


“I am grateful that I was driving my standard-range Tesla Model 3 when I hit traffic. While fellow drivers ran their engines to stay warm, my EV...

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