Monday, 10 January 2022 14:52

Florida Man Slams into Vintage Trucks When He Loses Control of Mazda

Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious


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A few vintage trucks were parked at a South Florida business when a Mazda left the interstate, took down a fence and slammed into the parked vehicles.

After the crash, the driver and passenger seemed to linger for a while, before deciding to flee the scene to avoid accountability. Now the business owner is left with some very damaged vehicles.


All of this madness was caught on a surveillance video as the Mazda spun off I-95 in Northwest Miami-Dade, FL, and slammed into the pricey vintage trucks.


“They just came right through the fence---you can see the skid marks---right through the fence and smashed in here like it was nothing,” said Ted Vernon, owner of Ted Vernon Auto Specialties.


Vernon estimated the damage is going to cost about $25,000, but did not specify if that was to the property itself, the trucks or both---it seems like the trucks alone are going to cost more than that.


Vernon said the driver and passenger stayed around for about 35 minutes before taking off.


“The good thing is, I’ve got the whole thing on film, so I’ve got him clear. I’ve got his girlfriend clear. I’ve got the whole thing clear,” he said.


The passenger called Vernon to locate her car the next day and in a bizarre turn of events, she claimed she was the one driving, when the video clearly shows she was not.


“It’s just a shame that when you try to make a living things like this happen, and you get screwed over. You don’t get paid, things happen, cars get ruined. It just sucks that this would happen.”


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