Wednesday, 28 July 2021 18:16

Drug Dealer-Owned Hellcat Becomes Community Outreach Police Car

Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious


...the department's dedication to public safety and spreading the message that drug addiction could result in you losing everything.


We're glad the department is taking considerable action to spread the word about the dangers of addiction and drug abuse. It may seem a little ridiculous to think of a Hellcat as a cop car, especially since they are usually used for the exact opposite. However, the sheriff still makes regular patrols and even takes it out for community outreach.


Unfortunately, the red key, which unlocks the 707 horsepower, is in a secret location known only by the sheriff and a select few others. However, the 500 horsepower is surely enough for the department's uses.


We thank Motorious for reprint permission.


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