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Musk's Boring Company Gets Approval to Build a Tunnel in Florida

Written by Ameya Paleja, Interesting Engineering
Musk's Boring Company Gets Approval to Build a Tunnel in Florida Dean Tralis/Twitter


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Elon Musk's Boring Company has formally submitted its proposal for building an underground transit system between downtown and the beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The proposal has come after months of discussion between the company and the city authorities looking to resolve parking issues at the beach. The confirmation came after a tweet from Mayor Dean Trantalis


Details of the project are currently withheld since the city's laws require competitive bidding for its projects and other companies have a 45-day period, in which they could submit their proposals.


Dubbed the Las Olas Loop, after the current road that connects downtown to the beach, the tunnel will offer visitors options to park at the Brightline train station and take a ride in the Tesla through the tunnel. The city planners estimate this ride to cost between $5-8 per person, as against an Uber that costs $10, CNN reported.


Currently, the state of Florida has only two tunnel projects. The limestone under the surface makes it tricky to bore tunnels. While tunneling technology has improved over the years, the topography of the area can make it a real challenge to bore tunnels.


It is easier to bore through hard rock or soil but not limestone that has natural holes in it. Florida also has high groundwater levels and gets higher rainfall increasing chances of flooding the tunnels, when built. The area is also home to underground aquifers, which need to be protected.
The Boring Company is banking on...

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