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Locally-Owned Toyota South Atlanta Named 2020 Clayton County Business of the Year

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Toyota South Atlanta was named Clayton County (GA) business of the year for 2020 based on their generosity to the Clayton County School System during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Toyota South Atlanta helped raise over $10,000 for school lunches to be distributed to students at their homes as well as providing WiFi access points to homes that had no WiFi for virtual learning.


"We wanted to make a difference during an extremely challenging time," said Vice President and General Manager Rich Mahon. "We understood that the COVID-19 shutdown would have a detrimental effect on kids who were forced into at home learning. We were proud to donate $10,000 to the Clayton County Public School Foundation in order to provide home lunches for students who rely on a healthy meal during the day normally provided at school as well as wifi access to ensure that kids would be able to access wifi for their virtual classes."


Clayton County Public Schools Foundation Inc.'s mission is to provide financial resources to enrich and enhance the educational experience of students, families, teachers and graduates while remaining committed to supporting a world-class standard of excellence.


"We are grateful for this generous donation. Funds will go towards feeding families and providing hotspots for students who cannot afford an internet connection," said Superintendent of Clayton County Public Schools Dr. Morcease Beasley.


Toyota South Atlanta, a proud Clayton County business, is honored to have won the business of the year award, voted by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce.


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Source: Toyota South Atlanta

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