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Getting Paid Starts at the Beginning of the Process: MSCRA Hosts Collision Hub for Estimating Training

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...avoid multiple supplements,” Montanez said, also suggesting damaged components be stored in a specific area where they are ready to show to the insurer as needed.


During the adjustment process, collision repair professionals will review the damage report to double check all operations and parts prices before reviewing the report with the team to make any adjustments. Save and print needed documents. Then, finalize the report with the team.


“Make sure the damage assessor, foreman, parts manager, technician and everyone who touches the car is aware of what’s going on with it. Review all operations and the repair plan to be sure they understand, and after you map the vehicle, it’s ready for the insurance inspection and parts arrival,” Montanez said, stressing, “Never start a repair order without receiving all the pertinent parts.”


Referencing a 2007 Dodge Ram which required a bedside panel replacement, Montanez compared photos of an original panel and a new panel, provided courtesy of Logan Payne from Payne & Sons in Dallas, TX. He identified several not-included processes that must be performed, such as cleaning the work area of dirt and debris, removing adhesives and foams and repairing adjacent panels.


Old Ram panel web


New Ram panel web


Montanez went through the estimate line by line, offering efficiency tips on various processes while identifying processes shops frequently neglect to include on their damage reports.


“Just the bed panel, no blends, just changing the bed panel alone, is a $7,800 job at $50 labor rate, $30 for materials and 5% tax. But what about the same damage to a 2019 RAM?” Montanez asked.


Examining another preliminary estimate, Montanez revealed the same repair on a 2019 model is around $400 cheaper. He also explored what happens to the 2007 estimate if the panels are blended; the repair cost increases to $10,912.


The estimating class concluded with a question and answer session.


Collision Hub will be hosting its 2021 World Fair and Exposition at the end of April.


For more information about MSCRA, visit the website or its Facebook page.


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