Friday, 19 February 2021 21:06

CARSTAR Ace Sullins, Esurance Donate Refurbished Vehicle to Deserving Miami Recipient


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Recently, a deserving Miami woman experienced a life-changing event---the presentation of a vehicle to provide her independence and the ability to work and take care of her family---thanks to CARSTAR Ace Sullins and car donor Esurance along with the National Auto Body Council Recycled Rides program.

The presentation was held at CARSTAR Ace Sullins in Miramar, FL. The deserving recipient was selected by Glory House of Miami.

“We always want to give back to our community and help those who are working to establish themselves and their independence,” said Kyle Wharff, owner of CARSTAR Ace Sullins. “This young woman has overcome tremendous challenges to take care of her family and herself. It’s an honor to be able to help her on her journey.”

The recipient, a young woman with two children ages 10 and 4, received a 2017 Honda Civic, donated by Esurance and restored by CARSTAR Ace Sullins.


Originally from Honduras, the recipient escaped to the U.S. under challenging circumstances. Glory House of Miami has been assisting her and her children for the last four years, providing medical, legal, life skills, mentorship and trauma counseling.


Today, she has her own business managing homes when her clients are out of town, as well as cleaning homes. She is very conscientious and is a good provider for her kids.


She has a very old car that requires regular repairs. This donated vehicle will help her...

...transport her children to doctor visits, school and school activities, and be used for her work and daily activities.
NABC Recycled Rides is a unique program in which businesses representing all facets of the collision repair industry team up to repair and donate vehicles to individuals and families in need of reliable transportation. Since the inception of the NABC Recycled Rides program in 2007, members of the NABC have donated more than 2,600 vehicles valued at more than $36 million.
Additional partners in the NABC Recycled Rides presentation included 1-800 Charity Cars, Esurance, AutoNation Honda, Steve from Wadadli Auto, Ron from Auto Diagnostics, BASF and Albert Kemperle.


Source: NABC

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