Wednesday, 10 February 2021 23:28

Four Pivotal Electric-Vehicle Bills Advance to Virginia Senate


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Following Virginia's landmark passage of the Clean Economy Act last year, four bills advancing to the state Senate would help make the Commonwealth more environmentally friendly by electrifying its transportation sector.

Studies show cars and trucks are the leading cause of air pollution in Virginia, and House Bill 1965 would establish stricter clean-car emissions standards.


Harry Godfrey, executive director for the group Advanced Energy Economy, said the bill also would require carmakers to send more electric vehicles, or EVs, to Virginia's auto dealers to encourage folks to buy electric.


"Low-emission vehicle standards and zero emission vehicle standards are an important aspect of making certain folks actually have access to these vehicles when they go out to buy a new or used vehicle," Godfrey explained. "So this is about making certain those vehicles are actually coming to Virginia."


He noted General Motors' announcement it will only produce electric cars and trucks by 2035 sends a clear message that manufacturers are behind bills such as Virginia's, that tackle emissions pollution.


All four bills have passed the House and face a Senate vote by the end of February, with most Democrats in favor.


With more clean-car policies, tailpipe emissions from cars and light trucks in Virginia could be reduced from...

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