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East Winston Man Continues Giving Back With New Program

Written by John Railey
David Moore David Moore


...parolees re-enter the workplace, most recently with research by CSEM Fellow Douglas Bates.


Moore’s Southside Rides, which includes a thriving body shop here and in Charlotte, has long emphasized such re-entry efforts.

His new initiative, Project M.O.O.R.E., aims to reach youth before they commit serious crimes.


He identifies with them, including the peer pressure and home tensions they face, some with parents missing in action.


Moore spent his first years in Bermuda with his mother, never meeting his father until he moved to Winston to live with family when he was 12.

After graduating from North Forsyth High School, he went to work at Hanes Dye and Finishing.


He learned auto bodywork at Forsyth Technical Community College and opened his own shop.

On the side, he began selling marijuana, moving it in increasingly larger quantities, having it driven in from Mexico by car.


“Then we got so cocky we were having it mailed in,” he said.


In 1999, he had a package mailed to the home of a favorite niece, Cassandra Jones.


She had sickle cell anemia and Moore helped support her.


He was going to pick up the package at her house.

She was not involved in the drug business and didn’t know what was in the package, Moore said.


He got busted and she was detained. Detectives threatened to go hard on her, Moore said. To save her, he confessed to trafficking in drugs.


Cassandra, who was never charged, told Moore, “God’s got you now.” She died while he was in the Winston-Salem jail waiting for his case to be adjudicated.

Moore, shaken to his core, re-embraced the Christianity of his youth as he went to state prison for two years.


He mentored other inmates. Soon after he got out, he...

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