Wednesday, 02 December 2020 23:59

November Brings Avalanche of Court Filings in Insurance Case


The case of Allstate vs. Auto Glass America (AGA) and its owner, Charles Isaly, produced more than 30 separate legal filings in the month of November---an average of more than one per business day.

The filings appear to coalesce around three main issues:


1. The admissibility of “expert witnesses” on both sides. So-called Daubert challenges have been raised against such witnesses and the court must rule on the admissibility of such testimony as each side makes its case in filings. Each side is attempting to exclude at least some opinion of the other sides’ expert. Allstate has requested that oral arguments be made on this point.


2. A number of depositions were also filed with the Court in November, including additional information from Isaly and former employees and subcontractors.


3. Motions for and against sanctions generally centering on whether or not the court’s order for certain financial information had been followed.


On Nov. 30, Laurence M Kopelman, PA, one of the firms representing AGA, also filed a motion to end its representation saying...

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