Wednesday, 19 August 2020 22:15

Avoiding Post-Isaias Scams: Red Flags to Watch While Coastal Towns Rebuild

Written by Kendall McGee, WECT 6 News


Americans lose $40 billion a year to insurance fraud, according to the FBI. Even if you don’t have any run-ins with your insurance company, rates go up $400 to $700 a year due to insurance fraud.

As homeowners in North Carolina across Brunswick County's beach towns recover from Hurricane Isaias, many are in danger of falling victim to fraud.


Kenneth Pedigo with the National Insurance Crime Bureau said the agency is working hard to protect people from unsavory contractors, but believes it's important to make sure people in the community know what to look for before they’re taken advantage of in the first place.


Experts warn businesses coming to your door and approaching you about working on your house is something to be wary of.


The NICB says to secure three estimates, get everything in writing and to never pay in full upfront.


Out of state contractors are another red flag, as well as contractors that offer to work everything out with your insurance company for you. If you’re wondering where to begin, Pedigo said many insurance companies actually have lists of credible contractors on standby for their customers.


“It’s a bad time for you, we understand that… but you need to slow down or get help from family members to help you take the right path and don’t rush into anything. As badly as you want it repaired right away, you start trying to get things done quickly or someone knocks on your door and you say go to work, here's the money---that’s where you make the mistake and that’s where we see people become a victim of fraud,” said Pedigo.

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