Thursday, 16 July 2020 18:58

Craigslist Car Fraudster Serving 6 Years for Vehicle Fraud

Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious

Robert Brandon Malone, 35, of Prattville, AL, was sentenced to 71 months (5.9 years) in prison for wire fraud and the transportation of a stolen vehicle.

It all started in April 2017 with a Ram 1500 a client had brought in to trade at the dealership Malone he was working at at the time. Malone proceeded to post a listing for it on Craigslist and sold the truck.


After discovering the truck did not belong to Malone, the buyer returned it to the dealership, expecting a refund that he did not receive.


Next, in January 2018, while working on a Chevy C10 pickup truck for someone at his repair shop, Malone posted yet another listing on Craigslist for said pickup truck.


Eventually, the truck was returned to its rightful owner. However, yet again, there was no refund.


Malone's final scam would be the one to cost him his freedom. Malone was in the process of completing the paperwork to purchase an Audi R8. Before the purchase could be completed, Malone hopped in the vehicle and drove from the dealership, in Georgia, back home to Prattville. He then contacted someone he knew was in the market for an Audi and sold it to that person.


The buyer had left their F-150 at Malone's place and was coming to retrieve it, but Malone posted an ad on Instagram. He sold the truck.


Both new owners eventually discovered the vehicles were not his to sell; all of the vehicles were returned to their respective owners but no money was refunded to anyone.


Malone was eventually indicted by a federal grand jury on three counts of wire fraud and one count of transporting a stolen vehicle in October 2019.


He was put on a pre-trial release in November, which was eventually revoked in February after he was discovered doing the same thing in Pelham, AL.


Malone was said to have been relatively unconcerned about getting caught even after having already been arrested for it. He is now serving a 71-month sentence on three counts of wire fraud, transportation of a stolen vehicle and other violations of Alabama state law. He was also ordered to pay an amount of $93,784.68 as restitution to the victims of his crimes.


We thank Motorious for reprint permission. 

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