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Wednesday, 08 January 2020 21:38

Rani Ezra is Promoted to Sales Training Manager at Sun Toyota

Rani Ezra, sales training manager at Sun Toyota. Rani Ezra, sales training manager at Sun Toyota. Sun Toyota

Sun Toyota, a Morgan Auto Group dealership, is pleased to announce that Moran (“Rani”) Ezra was recently promoted to the new position of sales training manager.

Ezra moved to Florida in 2016 and took a sales position at Sun Toyota soon after it was acquired by Morgan Auto Group. Observing that the dealership’s new employee orientation program could benefit from a more formal, comprehensive process, he created new and refresher training materials and videos to guide all variable operations employees on the store’s unique, customer-centric focus with extraordinarily high ethics and transparency standards. 


“Ezra excels in negotiating and teaching,” said Managing Partner John Marazzi. “He has not only greatly improved our Sun Toyota sales training program, but he is now a member of our sales hiring team that helps us identify applicants most likely to succeed, boosting dealership growth and success. Join me in congratulating Rani!”

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