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Monday, 02 December 2019 17:32

Deer-Related Collisions Are Keeping Body Shops in Business

Written by Tom Dees, Fox13 Memphis
Deer-Related Collisions Are Keeping Body Shops in Business Fox13 Memphis


While wrecking your car to bag a deer isn't something most motorists would want to do, FOX13 found out more drivers are colliding with deer this time of year and it is a real danger on the road.  

Ryan Diffee runs Benchmark Auto Body in Hernando, MS. 


He told us that almost all his business right now is because of cars hitting deer and in one case, the deer hit the hunter. 


“It was a deer, hit the deer came out of the woods and hit him in the front,” Diffee said. “This gentleman had finished hunting and came out of the woods and was going down the road and the deer came out and hit him.” 


But it's not just in the backwoods where deer strikes happen. 


FOX13 cameras captured a scene where a deer was hit near Getwell Road and Holmes Road, shortly before 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 26. 


Police stayed on the scene to make sure other drivers didn't hit the deer.


Diffee told me the increase in deer damage business started back in October when the drought ended and the rain picked up.


After talking to game officials, between the cold weather snap, deer mating season and a lot of hunters in the woods, that's what's keeping body shops in business. 


“This one right here is about $5,500 to $5,700 worth of damage right here, and this one is about $4,700 worth of damage right here,” Diffee said.  


Diffee told us most of the small jobs he does to repair deer damage have run about $2,500 to all the way to having the vehicle totaled out. 


Wildlife officials told us deer are more likely to move early in the morning or late in the evening. 


Also, deer tend to move on moonless dark nights to avoid predators, which means driving in bright daylight hours reduces your chance of hitting a deer. 


“My friend had had them go through that window and out the windshield and fortunately they weren’t hurt but yeah slow down especially at night,” said Brad McCullough, of Horn Lake, MS. 

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