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Friday, 31 May 2019 22:10

Meineke Opens New Store Location With New Franchise in Albemarle, N.C.

Brother’s Kong and Kao invest in Meineke franchise so they can fulfill dream of giving back to community. Brother’s Kong and Kao invest in Meineke franchise so they can fulfill dream of giving back to community. Courtesy of Meineke


Kong Vang has a long career of diagnosing problems and then addressing them.

As a dentist, he has built a successful practice by creating a great experience for his patients, educating them on the procedure needed and treating them how they should be treated. That same philosophy is how he plans to build a successful Meineke franchise.


“I want to provide my customers with an understanding of the repairs we are recommending, educate them and enhance their overall experience,” said Vang. “I plan to run my store like I run my dental practice, from the friendly greeting customers receive when they walk in, to being informed throughout the process, and understanding what service was performed and why. I want to give them the feeling they get when they visit a five-star hotel and leave my center delighted about the service they received and want to come back.”


To achieve that excellent customer experience, Vang points to two key components—hiring the right people and utilizing the Meineke eInspection system. Meineke eInspection allows technicians to educate and communicate with the car owner electronically, using email, text, photos and videos to help explain exactly what services are needed and why. It provides increased transparency to the repair process.


“Meineke has great training and a proven playbook for success in the automotive service business. Combine that with the customer service model that I have used in my dental practice and I believe that is a formula for success,” said Vang.


Besides dentistry, Vang has two main interests: cars and philanthropy.


“I love cars and I love working on cars,” said Vang. “I own seven cars, from classics to late models”.


However, when speaking with Vang, you can tell there is another interest he is much more passionate about—helping others. Vang heads a non-profit called “Create a Vision”. Through his non-profit organization, Vang provides free dental cleanings to underprivileged children as well as school visits to talk with children about careers, in hopes of helping them create their own vision for the future.


“There are many underprivileged children that are lost, and our goal is to show them that they are loved and give them hope by helping them see a career path forward,” said Vang.

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