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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 21:56

THS Collision Repair Students in MS are Transforming Discarded Bicycles into New Christmas Presents

Written by Allie Martin, WCBI

Christmas may be a few months away, but students in one vo tech class at Tupelo High School in Tupelo, MS, are working hard to make sure the holiday is extra special for some area children.

While some students in the collision repair class were preparing a car’s fender for paint, others were removing paint and decals from a bicycle frame, or adjusting a rear bike tire.

At the start of this school year, teacher Derek Bradley put the call out for used bicycles, in any condition.


“It’s called ‘Sharing at Christmas,’” Bradley said.

This community service project involves all 56 students in Bradley’s collision repair class.

“They’re going to take the bikes, repair all the bikes, all the damage, seats, brakes, rusted out or whatever---they’re going to tear the bikes all the way down, then they will rebuild them, sand them , paint them, put new decals on them, put their own custom touch to it and everything,” he said.

The refurbished bicycles will be Christmas gifts for kids throughout the area.

“What I want my students to learn is [that] it’s not all about having money. If you have a special talent or skill, and time, you can give that, and it’s better than giving money,” Bradley said.

Without a doubt, the students are learning some valuable skills, and they are also being taught an important life lesson---the value of helping others.

“We want to give back to the community, and so give to people who can’t afford a bike, can’t afford a Christmas present,” said THS sophomore Rico Smith.

“We’re trying to give them something new, like you just bought them out of the store. We’re trying to give them something new and something they will actually love,” said THS sophomore Seaoena Spritt.

The collision repair class will transform at least 24 bicycles, with room for more.

Class members are asking for names of families who could use a bicycle from the “Sharing At Christmas” community service project. For more information, send Mr. Bradley an email at or you can call the school at 662 841 8970.

We thank WCBI for reprint permission. 

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