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Monday, 12 April 2021 23:23

Shop Strategies: How a Shop Owner Enhanced Employee Culture While Providing Outstanding Service During COVID-19

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Mike McClernon, a technician at Best Body Shop. Mike McClernon, a technician at Best Body Shop.


...level of trust than we ever had. There was obviously a milestone of education that has made a major change in our shop’s culture.


How did you adapt your business once it opened again?


When we opened the shop back up to the public, it was like a frenzy. We offered a discount to customers, which was a big part of how we became busy really quickly. That busy-ness stayed for quite a few months.


During the presidential race, we noticed a major slump and the shop slowed down. There was a lot of tension in the air and I don’t think people cared about the aesthetics of their vehicle. Once that passed---whether or not you liked the results---it seemed there was a little bit of pressure relieved in the market and business ramped up again.


We’ve also noticed a ramp-up in our production ability because of the trust we built with the employees. I felt like we had a strong culture before, but it is mind-blowing that enhancing it during COVID has made such a difference. It’s like we are a well-oiled machine.


What are some of the procedures you’ve implemented for customers?


We’ve had an appreciation for our customer base but that has grown over time, especially now. Customers come in and tell us that they want to support small businesses and we want to show our appreciation to them.


As a result, we have done anything and everything we can to go above and beyond for customers. This includes providing a concierge service. We have been a lot more open to picking up and delivering people. Our customer service representative (CSR)’s main focus is to build relationships with customers.


We spent a tremendous amount of time consistently going over what can we do that is above and beyond. Once a month, Barbara, myself and Josh, our CSR, sit down and...

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