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Monday, 21 December 2020 18:35

Shop Strategies, COVID Edition: Collision Repair Owner and Entrepreneur Develops Technology Claims Solution for Industry

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AXIOM Collision Repair in Denver, CO. AXIOM Collision Repair in Denver, CO.


...a variety of additional contact-free services, as well as a concierge service. Our goal was to provide a level of peace of mind with customers, so they would feel their well-being was top of mind.


The biggest challenge with insurers was providing the proper documentation to support the damage on the vehicle in this new norm. Photos and video were some options used, but this was all very difficult to process and time-consuming.


How is COVID-19 driving more collaboration and innovative technology solutions across the industry?


I believe the pandemic’s challenges have fostered more collaboration and people’s mindsets are becoming more focused on solving problems rather than hoarding solutions. As a result, barriers will come down, insurtech solutions will grow, and innovation will be top of mind.


Fortunately, we have access to estimating platforms that can link the entire supply chain, but can only be used by people outside of the insurers’ legacy systems. This puts unnecessary constraints on the entire ecosystem.


The industry norms, legacy systems and proprietary platforms often mean insurers are not taking advantage of the latest technology. However, COVID-19 has encouraged many insurers to reassess the role technology can play and I am sure 2021 will see insurers partner to accelerate their digital transformation.


What prompted your team to develop an InsurTech technology?


During the pandemic, we looked at ways to engage the claims process and the insureds’ needs through a virtual, contact-free experience. As a business owner, one of my priorities is to look for technology that can bring speed and ease of settlement for the customer.


I partnered with an international team, The Claims Bridge International, to develop an end-to-end digital solution for managing hail claims and repairs called EziClaims Suite.


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What are some of the highlights of EziClaims Suite and how will it help the claims process?


Imagine 180,000 claims being filed from a hail event in a matter of a few days. When you think about the number of people impacted by a hail storm...