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Monday, 21 December 2020 18:35

Shop Strategies, COVID Edition: Collision Repair Owner and Entrepreneur Develops Technology Claims Solution for Industry

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AXIOM Collision Repair in Denver, CO. AXIOM Collision Repair in Denver, CO.


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Bill Park, co-founder and board member of Spartan Ventures, said his background is rooted in the auto body repair trade.

While growing up, Park's father told him if he wanted to drive something nice someday, he would have to “figure it out.”


After painting his first vehicle when he was 14 years old, he realized he had found a hobby. He attended the University of Arizona to become an orthopedic surgeon and repaired and painted cars at night. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology and minoring in math, he couldn’t find a job. A doctor told Park he felt his passion lay elsewhere.


“That was a wake-up call and I decided to open a body shop,” said Park. “What drives me is creating an organization where people can show up and do their best work. I want to be an integral part of creating the opportunity for people to really enjoy being productive, serving others and challenging themselves to become a better version of themselves.


"I believe people live a happier life when they are productive and have a voice in their day-to-day work.”


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AXIOM accident repair centre in the United Kingdom.


His vision for Spartan Ventures is to create global businesses within the automotive collision and hail repair industry. The companies include AXIOM Collision Repair in the U.S., AXIOM accident repair centres in the UK, The 300 Advantage, PDR Mobile Solutions and The Claims Bridge International.


I recently talked to the entrepreneur about how he has operated his companies during the pandemic and the recent platform technology his team developed to support the various entities and the industry.


Can you provide an overview of your companies?


At AXIOM Collision Repair in the U.S. and UK, our goal is to deliver 85% of all repairs in three days or less. We accomplish this by using what I refer to as the AXIOM triage method for scheduling and repair allocation. Damage minimization is a key factor as well.


The 300 Advantage provides hail repair management solutions for body shops, dealerships and fleet companies. With a national team of...

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