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Shop Strategies: GA Body Shop Stays Up to Date With Equipment, Training

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Babb’s Body Shop in Chatsworth, GA, was established in 1973. Babb’s Body Shop in Chatsworth, GA, was established in 1973.


In the small city of Chatsworth, located in the northern part of Georgia, Babb’s Body Shop prides itself on performing high-quality collision repair work. 

The business was established by Kelly Babb in 1973. His son, Jason, began working full-time in the body shop after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1997. As their business grew, Kelly and Jason realized they needed a larger location and moved into a 22,000-square-foot facility in 2004, where Babb’s Body Shop has operated ever since. 

As the operations manager in charge of day-to-day operations, Jason said he does “everything and anything it takes to keep things going” and ensure his staff is pointed in the right direction. 

Autobody News talked to Jason about the main areas of focus at the shop and the steps he takes to provide excellent customer service.  


Q: Can you tell us what sets your business apart from others in the industry? 

A: We’ve always had a passion for doing things right, providing quality service and making sure the customer is happy. If we ever have a customer who gets upset because we had their vehicle too long and they decide to go somewhere else, they are usually back at our shop the next time because of the quality we provide. 

The other thing that I believe sets us apart is our customer service. We bend over backward to do anything and everything to help our customers and make it less of a hassle to have their car repaired. We offer to help them with the accident report, turning their claim in and handling every aspect of the insurance company’s expectations that we are able to. We also take them home if they need a ride and help them set up a rental car.

I tell my customer service people all the time that we’re not necessarily competing against the shop across the street or down the road or even the next town. Instead, we’re compared to the service a customer receives when they go to Outback Steakhouse on the weekend or when they stay at the Marriott during the summer. 

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