Wednesday, 22 May 2013 10:21

GCIA Completes 2013 Collision Labor Rate Survey

The Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) recently completed their 7th Annual Labor & Materials Rate Survey for Metro Atlanta and Georgia.

The Survey was conducted by CSi Complete to ensure unbiased data collection. CSi Complete is a provider of customer satisfaction indexing to collision repair, insurance companies and other service industries and you can learn more information about the company by visiting their website at www.csicomplete .com.

GCIA’s goal in conducting this annual survey and sharing the results is twofold:

►To utilize an impartial company to identify and communicate statistically valid figures representing the prevailing labor and material rate for collision repair services offered in Georgia, and
►To communicate the results of the research to both collision repair facilities, insurance carriers and the appropriate parties involved in serving the consumer in the repair and claims handling process.

The GCIA encourages all Claims Managers and insurance company executives to thoroughly review the 2013 GCIA Labor Rate Survey Results and urges you and your company to join the GCIA in our efforts to alleviate the variances between the actual prevailing rates (as shown in our survey) versus the rates some carriers are currently compensating collision repair shops for materials and labor in Georgia.

The GCIA has conducted this survey for seven (7) consecutive years. No other industry association in the US has collected this amount of accurate data on collision materials and labor rates. This year, 305 shops participated across, and the results clearly demonstrate the actual prevailing rate in the Georgia marketplace.

It is the GCIA’s intention that the information offered, be used to ensure your company is fulfilling its obligation to the policyholder, by reimbursing for the actual prevailing rates in Metro Atlanta and Georgia. If you have any questions about the GCIA, or the results of this survey, contact GCIA Executive Director, Howard Batchelor, at howard@gcia.org.

For complete survey results go to gcia.org/about/labor-rate-survey/. Autobody News will summarize the data in our next issue (July, 2013).