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Wednesday, 26 June 2019 16:50

Tesla Wins Legal Battle to Sell Vehicles in Virginia

Written by David A. Wood,


Based on allowing Tesla a dealer license, the judge said there is nothing to prevent any automaker from changing its business model and leave independent dealers out of the loop.


The judge was clear he disagrees with the thinking of the commissioner of the DMV in allowing Tesla a license, but Judge Rupe also says the commissioner no doubt made his decision in the best interest of the people of Virginia.


The ruling is the latest to involve legal tussles between Tesla and state car dealership associations that claim Tesla ignores state laws to sell its electric vehicles. As in the case of the Virginia ruling, the automaker has won some, but Tesla also knows what it's like to lose a few.


Tesla lost legal battles in Connecticut and Utah, won one in Rhode Island but then lost and won a separate battle to sell cars direct to Missouri consumers.


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