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NCACAR 3rd Quarter Meeting Features Mike Cassata, Doug Irish

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 On August 16, the North Carolina Association of Collision and Autobody Repair (NCACAR) hosted its third quarter meeting in Fayetteville, NC. On August 16, the North Carolina Association of Collision and Autobody Repair (NCACAR) hosted its third quarter meeting in Fayetteville, NC.


On August 16, the North Carolina Association of Collision and Autobody Repair (NCACAR) hosted its third quarter meeting in Fayetteville, NC, featuring presentations by Mike Cassata of Hammer Insights and Doug Irish from Fayetteville Technical Community College.


NCACAR President Brian Davies said, “The event was well-attended with approximately 50 members that came, which was a good turnout--- especially for the first time in this new market. The event was hosted at the FTCC Collision Repair & Refinish Technology Training Center by Doug Irish, who was a very gracious host. The arrangements were seamless, and he and his team had everything from tables to video equipment ready to go. A big thanks to Doug for making things easy! He spoke for a brief period about the facility and their programs and standards and how we can get involved as an association, which includes their upcoming draft event in October.”


NCACAR board member Brian Shaw stated, “This meeting was packed full of information on subjects that are often in the spotlight of our industry but with many details neglected. We had two speakers available that are knowledgeable on the subjects and are making a difference in our industry. We are grateful for their commitment and the time that they made for NCACAR.”


The meeting began with normal housekeeping items, including introductions and antitrust guidelines. Davies then shared the most recent happenings with the NCDOI, upcoming events and the importance of using the association’s website to see current events and industry trends as well as details about the group’s ongoing collaboration with its South Carolina counterpart, the SCACAR. In addition to pointing out the organization’s core focus on building a group that repairs vehicles correctly and joining resources to sustain the collision repair industry for the future, NCACAR reiterated the importance of membership in the association and emphasized how it has helped the local industry.


The evening’s first presentation was delivered by Doug Irish, who spoke about the high-quality technicians he is releasing into the industry who are eager to learn and adapt to working environments.

Shaw explained, “These technicians are trained to be teachable by their potential shop owners and are trained to perform on today’s relevant equipment with current technique. Fayetteville Tech holds ‘Draft Days’ where shop owners can attend their state-of-the-art facility and essentially ‘speed date’ the students. This is an awesome resource for shops in the southeast to create a relationship with a technician factory for an industry that is facing a potential crisis of technician shortages.” 


Next, attendees were treated to “Getting the Most Out of Your DRP Relationships” with DRP manager Mike Cassata, who shared information about “the indicators insurers are looking for when reviewing an application for a DRP program,” Shaw recalled.


He continued, “Some of those indicators include the obvious grocery list of certifications/training, welders, frame measuring and repair equipment, estimating software, etc. What was really interesting about the presentation is the idea that the shop should be interviewing and researching the insurer as well. This is an aspect that most shops neglect to consider. The fact is that DRP relationships are not for everybody; what works for one shop may not necessarily work for another shop.


“When considering entering into a DRP agreement, there is lots of research to be done. Their website should be reviewed, specifically the DRP page. The difference between a ‘mutual’ or ‘stock’ company should be understood, AM best ratings should be checked out, the agreement should be read more than once, have an attorney read over the agreement and question the DRP manager about any clauses or statements that don’t add up. Most agreements are not negotiable; you either choose to meet the terms or not. NCACAR neither promotes nor rejects the idea of DRP relationships but rather promotes education in the repair industry so that we can achieve the safest repairs possible. When it comes to relationships between a repair facility and an insurer, the decision is best left to the repair facility decision maker.” See "Mike Cassata Presents on DRPs at NCACAR 3rd Quarter Meeting" for in-depth details about this eye-opening presentation.

Two new collision repair industry professionals joined the association during the meeting. NCACAR is pleased to welcome Denise Cameron of Cameron’s Body Shop and Larry Haney from Raeford Collision Center. NCACAR is also excited to announce that Spanesi Americas recently joined the association as a business partner.


Spanesi COO Timothy Morgan shared, “I am pretty excited to join the group that has ideals in place to bring proper repairs and ideas to the industry. Spanesi Americas looks forward to a longstanding relationship with NCACAR and supporting their activities.”


Davies said, “I was happy to see Tim Morgan at the event, as he is a great supporter of the school, helping to improve the equipment and training. Tim has been at just about every event I’ve attended in the last several years, and it is clear Spanesi is dedicated to helping the industry grow and improve through our local community colleges. The association continues to build momentum with shop owners as we continue to bring relevant guest speakers, training and cohesion within the independent collision owners.”


The Fayetteville Technical Community College will be hosting its next Draft Days on October 16 and 17, and NCACAR members are encouraged to attend this event to observe students and recent graduates demonstrating their skills and knowledge by performing job-related tasks. Interested employers can also schedule interviews with prospective employees.


For more information on NCACAR and any events it hosts or supports, visit ncacar.com.