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SCACAR Brings Education to SC, Asks Shop Owners for Support

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Julie Stevens taught SCACAR members to spice up their online presence. Julie Stevens taught SCACAR members to spice up their online presence.


On May 18, the South Carolina Association of Collision and Auto Body Repair (SCACAR) provided an educational opportunity to local shops during its meeting at the River Center at Saluda Shoals in Columbia, SC. 

The meeting attracted around 50 industry professionals. SCACAR President Sarah Myers-Daniels explained why providing training is so important in the industry.

“SCACAR is an association established to help provide information and knowledge to assist in safe and proper repairs for our consumers, to improve business practices, help everyone stay up to date on new technology and OE procedures and to share information on issues or questions regarding repairs and equipment,” Myers-Daniels said. “Technology in our industry is changing so rapidly that we all must stay up to date so vehicles are repaired safely and back to OE standards.” 

The first of the meeting’s two speakers, Keith Manich from the Automotive Training Institute, presented “I Want to Get Paid for What is Necessary.” 

Myers-Daniels recalled, “Keith was not talking about shops billing for items that are not performed, of course; he emphasized the importance of making sure we repair vehicles properly, to factory specifications, and discussed how shops can get paid for performing these required procedures.”

Next, Julie Stevens talked about the different types of social media, the frequency of each platform’s use and how they are used in “Spicing Up Your Online Presence.” Covering Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and companies’ business websites, Stevens provided demographic information regarding how often various age groups access these sites on a daily basis. 

According to Myers-Daniels, “This appears to be the new way to advertise your business with all the technology changes.”

During the meeting, SCACAR also raffled off several prizes donated by vendors, including a multi-task welding system, Yeti cups, 8 Essential Skills for Collision Shop Success training and a domain free pass. 

Josh Kent, director of membership for SCACAR, encourages shops to get involved with the new association. 

He noted, “A lot of shops requested we start an association in South Carolina, and since we met their demand, we really need those shops to join the association and participate in meetings to show their support. While we understand everyone cannot make every single event, joining the association allows shops to support our goal of educating South Carolina body shops.

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