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YANG's 1st Raleigh, NC, Meet-Up Focuses on Career Planning

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Young industry professionals gathered at the Taverna Agora in Raleigh, NC, on Feb. 8. Young industry professionals gathered at the Taverna Agora in Raleigh, NC, on Feb. 8.

On Feb. 8, the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) held a Regional Meet-Up at Taverna Agora in Raleigh, NC.

The event was sponsored by Advance Auto Parts and N.A. Williams, and co-hosted by Leslie Bennett, Senior Manager of Professional Sales Effectiveness at Advance Auto Parts, and Danielle Sonnefeld of N.A. Williams.


Bennett shared, "The inaugural YANG meet-up in the Triangle area exceeded our expectations. Our industry is fortunate to have young professionals who are eager to connect and grow their leadership skills. We had attendees who drove several hours to attend, including someone who drove from a different state. Their desire and commitment to connect with other young professionals validated the need to bring this event to the Raleigh area. Creating local events allows for a larger scope of people to participate and grow their knowledge of the industry as a whole."


Sonnefeld added, "Advance Auto Parts and N.A. Williams were excited to co-host the first Raleigh YANG Regional Meet-Up event. The event was a success with almost 40 auto care professionals attending for a night of networking, leadership development and the launch of a new local program: Raleigh Peer Mentoring group (RPM), which will provide a channel for the meet-up’s attendees to stay connected and build stronger relationships than a two-hour networking event may typically enable."


The meet-up also featured an informative presentation on the "Four R's of Career Planning: Reputation, Relationships, Risk, Resilience," delivered by Nicole Jefferies, Chief Transformation Officer at Advance Auto Parts.


The event was held as a means for young professionals to network with industry peers, enhance their knowledge and improve their leadership capabilities.


Bennett noted, "Beyond this one event, we offered for attendees to join the RPM program, which was created to continue to build connections and mentoring relationships with this local group of industry professionals. Interested attendees will be paired up into mentoring groups and encouraged to meet on a regular basis."


"The feedback from the event was very positive," Sonnefeld said. "We had professionals attend from all aspects of the auto care industry: manufacturing, retail, manufacturer rep agencies, as well as local repair shops. The diversity of roles within their organizations also added to the pool of talent represented. This was an opportunity to connect with people outside of their normal business channels."

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