Monday, 18 July 2016 19:20

IGONC June Chapter Meeting Addresses Changes in State Labor Laws

On June 14, the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC) held its June Triangle Chapter Meeting at Logan’s Roadhouse in Garner, NC.

According to Bob Pulverenti, executive director of IGONC, “The event went very well. We had a new vendor present their product to our members, and they were receptive and interested in the information. The guest speaker was Alex Brown with Alliance Hose and Tube Works, and he gave a presentation on their mobile host repair service with their latest technologies and equipment.”

IGONC members were interested in learning about the products offered by Alliance Hose and Tube Works because “Knowing what types of custom products are available makes it easier to come up with solutions for customers when they need something outside of the usual to do a repair,” Pulverenti explained. “Alex Brown gave a great presentation, we had a great meal, and we were able to discuss upcoming changes to the state labor laws that will affect hourly businesses.”

This meeting was one of IGONC’s regularly monthly meetings that give association members a chance to get together to discuss events, legislative changes that impact the industry, and new products. “It is a great way for our members to exchange ideas and support one another," Pulverenti stated. "Our members appreciate the fact that they can accomplish more when they get together. With the industry evolving at record speed and technology changing from day to day, it is very important to have a place to get together and exchange ideas, and to learn about new products, services and any legal matters that may affect their businesses. It would take an individual an enormous amount of time to stay up-to-date with all the changes that occur, and being a part of an association that can help sort through all of that information can help a garage owner save time and focus more on running their business.”

IGONC holds chapter meetings each month, which focus on a different topic, product or learning opportunity. “We look forward to these chances to bring our members together with area vendors who give information not only on their products, but who also lead classes to keep garages and technicians up-to-date on any new information they may need to know,” Pulverenti said.

For more information, visit www.iGoNC.com.

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