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Catching Up With ASA Colorado’s December Events

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ASA Colorado hosted its 2019 Annual Members’ Dinner on Dec. 16 at the NAPA Distribution Center in Denver. ASA Colorado hosted its 2019 Annual Members’ Dinner on Dec. 16 at the NAPA Distribution Center in Denver. ASA Colorado


December was a busy month for ASA Colorado with the association hosting several training opportunities as well as its annual dinner.

According to ASA Colorado Executive Director Julie Massaro, “All of the training events have gone well and have been well-received by attendees. The purpose of these events is to offer training for our members and members of the community. This is an important function for the association and provides purpose.”


The group’s first training session of the month, “Managing Employees When Turnover is Not an Option,” was held at Advance Auto Parts in Denver on Dec. 9 and 10 and taught by Greg Marchand. Massaro recalled, “It is hard to find good employees. Sometimes, it is hard to just find employees at all, let alone good ones. What do you do when you feel stuck with certain employees? This seminar addressed managing these challenges in a way that both the employee and the business prosper. Marchand discussed how to intervene when necessary, options for resolution, and how to get to the core challenges these employees might be facing so shop owners can best implement a resolution.”


Next, ASA Colorado hosted “Time, Technicians and Productivity” on Dec. 11 and 12 at Forney Industries in Fort Collins. Marchand instructed this class as well which Massaro described, “Three of your most important assets are time, technicians and productivity. Time is what you sell, it is what your technicians produce, and it is a finite resource. It must be managed, sold, and well taken care of. Technicians are your production. They are where a majority of your money comes from. Without proper management, time is not the asset it should be.”


“Of course, technicians come with their own challenges: motivations, skill sets, communication, workmanship, etc. Time and technicians must be managed together. Productivity ties the technicians and time together. Because time is such a finite resource, each technician must be as productive as possible if the shop is to make a maximum amount of money,” Marchand explained. “Managing these three assets is not always easy nor intuitive.

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