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ABAT’s Holiday Gala Focuses on Legislative Goals for 2020

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ABAT is grateful to the many vendors who contributed to the event, “especially English Color and Supply whose folks came out on a Saturday, provided food and cooked for everyone,” Richards said. Additional vendors that generously supported ABAT’s Holiday Gala included English Color, Tasco Auto Color, Cavendar Toyota, Gunn Auto Group, Ancira Auto Group, Dents & Dings, Finish Masters, Color Tone Paint Company, Miracle Body & Paint, Hunter Equipment, Park Place Collision Centers & Auto Group, and Spurs & Entertainment.


Rubio added, “I want to thank all our sponsors for the Gala. These folks sponsored all foods, entertainment, drinks, prizes, security, bar tenders, etc. Without their support, we could not have had such a successful event.”


“These types of events bring everyone together to offer a beneficial opportunity for networking and camaraderie, along with the education component that we provide so that shops can unite and get to know one another,” Richards explained. “The hope is that these shops will feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling one another with any questions or concerns regarding our industry.”


For more information about ABAT, visit abat.us.

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