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Texas Auto Body Insurance Accountability Bill Defeated by Clock

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Ware Wendell, executive director of consumer advocacy group Texas Watch, provided letters from 1,100 Texans supporting House Bill 1348. He expressed, “I feel we’re on the right side of the law and on the right side of the issue. Those who are arguing that [this bill] is going to raise rates are ignoring the fact that if people are in safer vehicles, their injuries are going to be far less severe when they’re in collisions. That’s really what we should be keeping our focus on—protecting families and making sure that our kids and loved ones are safe.”


Advocates of House Bill 1348 plan to revise the bill language with an amendment to exempt OEM parts recommendations from the procedures insurers must reimburse. The revised bill will be submitted in the next legislative session of 2021. The bill’s supporters are very hopeful that the amended version will be successful, especially since there was little opposition to House Bill 1348 from legislators this year.


Compared to previous legislative endeavors, Tuggle said ABAT was “so much more well-equipped this time around. We’ve garnered a lot of support.”


“We are proud of the support from so many collision repairers from across the state who joined in the legislative effort,” Kopriva said. “Members of ABAT, HABA, the Southeast Texas Collision Group, and the Rio Grande Collision Group all joined in passing out fliers and going from door to door in the Capital to make our bill known. A special ‘thank you’ goes to Representative Travis Clardy who sponsored HB 1348, Lobbyist Jacob Smith and Ware Wendell, executive director of Texas Watch. All spent many personal hours working behind the scenes to educate and promote the bill.”


For more information on the collision repair industry in Texas, visit abat.us or habaonline.org.

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