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Monday, 18 February 2019 18:22

ABAT Partners With TGP for 2019 TX Auto Body Trade Show

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The Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT) recently announced its partnership with Thomas Greco Publishing (TGP) to manage its 2019 Texas Auto Body Trade Show.


According to ABAT Executive Director Jill Tuggle, “We are excited to add Thomas Greco Publishing to our trade show planning team. They have an excellent reach with their publications and their work with the NORTHEAST® show. We want our show to reach that same level, and we are confident that TGP will take it to the top.”


TGP President Thomas Greco shared, “We are thrilled to be involved with the show and ABAT. We have had much success with our partnership on Texas Automotive. We plan to achieve the same level of success with this show---making it THE can’t-miss event for the Southwest.”


“We are very excited! The ABAT board sees this as a new chapter going forward, and we are enthusiastic about what TGP will bring to the table,” ABAT President Burl Richards added. “With TGP’s experience---and knowing what they are capable of---it’s going to be a great win for everyone. Once we get new attendees to the show, they will want to come every year. There is just so much value education-wise---and with all the technology of today, it’s a great opportunity for vendors to show new equipment.”


The Texas Auto Body Trade Show began just four years ago and has quickly grown to become the premiere automotive event in the state. Although the first trade show was organized in a mere three months, it drew around 100 attendees and has quickly expanded by leaps and bounds, a feat Richards credits to the dedication and hard work of the ABAT board and Janet Chaney of Cave Creek Business Development.


Chaney will continue to assist ABAT and TGP as TGP utilizes its massive resources to enhance the trade show even further.


Greco stated, “We are diving in full force. We will work closely with ABAT, Burl, Jill and Janet to make this the best show possible.”


Following its launch of Texas Automotive in partnership with TGP, ABAT’s 2018 event was its biggest to date. Richards believes the 2019 event will generate even more enthusiastic responses from industry professionals.


Stay tuned at for more information about the upcoming 2019 trade show, scheduled for Sept. 20 and 21 in Fort Worth, TX.

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