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Tuesday, 04 December 2018 17:40

ASA-CO Learns to Create, Empower Championship Teams

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On Oct. 30, ASA-CO hosted a training seminar titled “How to Create and Empower Championship Teams” at NAPA in Denver, CO.


The two-and-a-half hour session was facilitated by Michael Smith, managing partner at Herzberg Smith & Co. and was sponsored by NAPA, which also provided a buffet dinner for the group.


According to Brian Bates, training director of the Elite NAPA Business Development Group, “The event was very successful. About 50 people attended, representing a large number of different automobile service companies. Quite a few NAPA leaders attended as well. Interest in the event was strong, as evidenced by the large attendance. The audience was engaged throughout, participated openly and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Every person seemed glad that they came.”


The seminar focused on seven class objectives: finding out why purpose, vision and mission are foundational in framing championship performance expectations; learning how to define, establish and nurture a high-performance culture; understanding how champions think and perform compared to everyone else; discovering why goal-setting actually works and how to establish and execute consistently successful goals; learning how to drive extraordinary performance across your entire team repeatedly; considering competitive strategies that will distinguish your team from all others; and realizing consistent results---revenue growth, financial profitability and human development---beyond any past performance.


Training was broken into three sections. The first, “Championship Cultures – Nurturing a Winning Environment,” focused on examples using Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, as well as Nick Saban and the University of Alabama. In the second, “Leading Champions – Virtues, Competencies and Mentoring,” Smith discussed legendary NBA superstars Michael Jordan and LeBron James. “The Mind of a Champion – Beliefs, Comfort Zones and Futuring” highlighted mastering the mental game using anecdotes about PGA champions Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth.


Bates recalled, “The class ended with a challenging section about ‘a tsunami of change’ coming to our automotive service industry---the sale or closure of an estimated 170,000 baby-boomer-owned shops in the next 5--15 years, and the impact that is going to have on the rest of us. I know Michael Smith, and my expectations for the event were very high. We exceeded my expectations. Our attendees were engaged throughout and very pleased with the information presented. I have been asked to include this facilitator and many related topics at future events throughout 2019.


“This event is part of a series of events sponsored by our NAPA Elite Business Development Group. The purpose of every event is to challenge our members to learn, grow and improve our businesses across a wide range of topics. Leading our industry remains a principal goal of our group members. The competitive landscape, economic pressures and demographic changes all conspire to challenge our industry’s standard assumptions and approaches. We each need to routinely question ourselves and constantly raise our levels of excellence and results. This process is never-ending, and association-sponsored events help us achieve this ongoing objective.”


For more information about ASA-CO, visit asacolorado.org.

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